Submission Guidelines
3:04 PM | Author: Glen Binger
  • We are looking for two things: 50 word stories and 1st lines (do not send whole stories - they will unfortunately go unread and will not be considered for publication).
  • PLEASE READ THROUGH OUR OLD ISSUES TO SEE WHAT WE PUBLISH. WITH YOUR SUBMISSION, INCLUDE A PIECE FROM THE ARCHIVES YOU EITHER LOVE OR HATE. IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE THIS WE WILL DISREGARD YOUR SUBMISSION. The purpose of this is to show contributors what we're looking for. And, of course, read all the great work we've received so far. No need to critique, we only want to know that you have seen the kinds of things we like.
  • Please paste the story or line into the body of the email (it is easier to deal with). Don't forget a title if its a 50 worder.
  • In the subject line write which type of submission it is followed by your last name.
  • Also include a short third person bio about yourself. We want to know you. So does the world. Include any personal websites you want to be linked to (if you have one.)
  • Multiple submissions are fine, but please put them clearly labeled all into one email. It's just easier to deal with.
  • Simultaneous submissions are cool. Just let us know as quickly as possible if you were accepted elsewhere.
  • There is no payment at this point in time. We regret that but who knows? Maybe one day it'll change.
  • Rights belong to the contributor, of course. We only ask that you mention 50 to 1 if re-using the piece. It makes us feel special.
  • Send all submissions to
  • Go outside. It's nice.

Need more specific directions? Check out Paul's interview with Jim Harrington at Six Questions For!
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