Bullet by Dancer in barefeet
2:50 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Bullet by Dancer in barefeet

Everything slowed as I reached out to catch her falling body; blood spreading from the dark crimson circle in her side. Horrified, I clutched her to my chest, frantically calling out for help. Hot tears slid down my face, blurring my vision. I felt her life slip from my arms.

Dancer in barefeet, also commonly referred to as Little Thursday, hates giving out her real name on the internet. She is a 16 year old Junior who would love to take on grand writing projects, however, surviving high school takes up the majority of her time. She has a personal blog (dancerinbarefeet.blogspot.com) and a blog for an ongoing writing project (caffeinewords.blogspot.com) which she encourages you to check out. She is pretty much the definition of an art freak, but her strongest passions lie in dancing, photography, pottery, and writing. She has trouble counting to fifty.
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