Invisible Chains by Jason Jordan
12:14 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Invisible Chains by Jason Jordan

I bought adult diapers so I won’t have to get up to go use the bathroom when I’m on the computer, like people in casinos who don’t want to lose their seats. Thankfully, the babysitter I hired has agreed to change me whenever I start to smell bad.

Jason Jordan is either a Kentuckianian or an Indiuckyian (born in Kentucky, raised in Indiana). His fiction has appeared in many online and print publications. Jordan is also Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine decomP, which can be found at He is currently in the MFA program at Chatham University, in Pittsburgh, where he is watching too much reality TV, if there is such a thing (there's not [or is there?]). You can visit him and his large red beard at
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