1st Line by Toby Tucker Hecht
2:22 PM | Author: Glen Binger
1st Line by Toby Tucker Hecht
He said that the color was too peachy, too cotton candy-ish, too feminine for him to call his living room and if I insisted on painting the walls Simply Sunset he would simply find another room of the house in which to move the television and his recliner, and why couldn’t I be satisfied with a nice gray or tan or even a dark green—now that was a color he could relax in—but when I tried to explain that my feelings about his choice were similar to his feelings about my choice, he laughed and said that that was ridiculous, a woman’s choices were broader than a man’s and didn’t women wear pants, but men almost never wore skirts?

Toby Tucker Hecht is a scientist and short story writer who lives in Maryland and enjoys exercising both sides of her brain.
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