Bad Idea by William Bryant
12:35 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Bad Idea by William Bryant
The patient had stopped taking his diabetes medicine because his cousin told him she had heard it was “bad for him”. When he had his foot amputated and then got gangrene, I watched him smack his sister in the face. This was just before he died. It smelled really bad.

William “Cully” Bryant is a rural family physician and author. Some of his fiction and poetry is currently available or forthcoming in: OAK BEND REVIEW, THE DEAD MULE SCHOOL OF SOUTHERN LITERATURE, LOCUST, HACKWRITERS, the JOURNAL OF TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCE, UNDERGROUND VOICES and “featured writer” in issue 5 of CLAPBOARD HOUSE. His writing spans many genres and he has just completed his first fantasy-fiction novel, “Messages”. The author can be reached at
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