& (fifty-five) by J. A. Tyler
10:16 AM | Author: Glen Binger
& (fifty-five) by J. A. Tyler
This will be the story of a man doing nothing, becoming nothing, creating nothing. This will be that kind of story, where nothing happens. This is not a story. This will be a story of the unbecoming of a man, of a story, of how this is not a story.

J. A. Tyler is the author of THE GIRL IN THE BLACK SWEATER (Trainwreck Press), EVERYONE IN THIS IS EITHER DYING OR WILL DIE OR IS THINKING OF DEATH (Achilles Chapbook Series), & SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE (Ghost Road Press). He is also founding editor of MUD LUSCIOUS and ML PRESS and was recently nominated for a Pushcart. Visit www.aboutjatyler.blogspot.com for more info.
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