The most foolish thing I have ever done (that I can talk about and still not get arrested for) by Danny O'Connor
I was seven and home alone. I pushed an easy-chair under our three socket ceiling light. I climbed onto the thick arm of the chair and stretched upwards to push my finger into the empty socket. I felt the electricity course through me. I was dashed to the floor.

Danny O'Connor is a member of the frontier writers’ group, Cumbernauld, Scotland. He is the wrong side of middle-age. He has had a beard of various sorts for most of his adult life. This one is mainly grey and cut as a goatee. His wife, Maureen, is the love of his life.
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On 1/16/09, 3:03 PM , Anonymous said...

Jolly bon-bons

On 3/26/09, 9:43 PM , Anonymous said...

danny i learn more about you all the time silly you