No, It's Not Autobiographical by Alexander J. Cunningham
"It was just a kiss," she told me. "Didn't mean a thing."
"It meant something then, though?" I asked, frowning. "The kiss, I mean?"
"Then?" she queried.
I nodded.
"Yes," she replied, eyes staring straight into the ground. "But then is gone."
"And now?"
"There is no now," she stated.

Alexander J. Cunningham lives and works in the town of Cumbernauld not far from Glasgow and is currently working on a Conceptual Art Installation constructed from his rejection slips. (It looks a lot like a roll of toilet paper.) Just don't ask him who the girl was. He'll only tell lies.
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On 8/4/09, 3:24 PM , Anonymous said...

Great to get the message without having to trawl through a lot of words

irene C