Surreptitious Kissing By Chris Deal
5:43 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Surreptitious Kissing By Chris Deal
She took him back to her apartment and fucked him. This happened three times before neither of them cried afterwards. Soon they're spending time together with their clothes on. She manages to kiss him without thinking of the other, and he doesn't want to take those pills, a mutual victory.

Chris Deal writes from Huntersville, NC. He is the fiction editor for Red Fez.
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On 1/27/09, 10:37 PM , Anonymous said...

First thing I thought of was Denis Johnson's poem "Surreptitious Kissing".

On 2/3/09, 6:30 PM , Chris Deal said...

That poem definitely inspired this piece.

On 2/18/09, 7:51 PM , Debbie said...

I have been looking for some of your work. Having heard that you write great stories and poetry. Is there any other works on line? Job well done Chris.
Debbie Deal Wikander

On 2/26/09, 9:40 AM , Anonymous said...

Very cool Chris. Debbie, you can see more of Chris' work here at Colored Chalk, a little zine I edited and designed.

His story, "One In Six" was one of my favorites.