To Decide in 150 Words by Glen Binger
1:56 PM | Author: Glen Binger
To Decide in 150 Words by Glen Binger
I sat in running car, debating whether or not to open the garage door. Another year I’ve wasted trying to decide if my presence had a purpose. Sure I had made the best friends a guy could ask for, but I still couldn’t figure out if it was worth my time.

My steady breath fogged up the windshield. I sat in utter depression, trying to solve the biggest conflict of my life. Maybe it had some influence from a friend, but mostly I came to my decision because of the secure influence the relationship had given me throughout my entire existence.

I turned off the car and opened the garage door then popped the trunk and took out my hockey gear. The smell of sweat and blood and pride tore into my nostril hairs. My decision to quit the only thing I’ve known killed me enough. I didn’t need to die.

Glen Binger thinks it is pretty lame he is posting his own work in an ezine ran by him and Sam. But he felt very close to this piece and wanted to share it; he hopes you don't mind. Oh... and he blogs here.
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On 1/13/09, 7:20 PM , sam cicero said...

i liked it, but i would have liked it better if i didn't know you.