Tonga by James C. Clar
2:35 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Tonga by James C. Clar
Back in my day, “running away with the circus” was something that many children longed to do. I was one of the few who actually managed to accomplish the feat. And I made something of myself too; I even have my name over my enclosure … “Tonga: The Giant Ape.”

James C. Clar teaches and writes in upstate New York. His work has been published in print as well as on the Internet. Most recently his short fiction has found a home on Antipodean Sci-Fi, Apollo's Lyre, Flashshot, The Taj Mahal Review, The Shine Journal, Residential Aliens, Powder Burn Flash and The Magazine of Crime & Suspense. His short story "Starbuck" was recently voted "Story of the Year" by the editors of Long Story, Short.
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