Definitely Autobiographical by Joan Gilfillan
2:49 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Definitely Autobiographical by Joan Gilfillan
"It’s more than just physical attraction, I really like you as a person” he told her as they lay, cramped, in the back of his car.
“Finally”, she thought. “Someone who sees the inner me”.
He pushed back her hair. “Only next time, do you think you could wear fishnets?”

Joan Gilfillan has just finished a Creative Writing Course at Cumbernauld College, tutored by Alexander Cunningham. The inspiration for this story will remain nameless (although she is open to bribes).
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On 2/5/09, 6:23 PM , Calamity Jane said...

LOVE it! Joan I want your autograph!

On 2/7/09, 5:43 PM , Not typical guy said...

Unfortunatley I was not the inspiration.

On 2/12/09, 9:47 PM , Glen Binger said...

Not typical guy, are you sure?