Fooled by Paul Malone
3:17 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Fooled by Paul Malone
At the boarding gate a man with a golden jet badge upon his suit approaches the passengers.
“In line please!”
Sheepishly, the passengers obey. An elderly lady hobbles over and berates him in Greek. Shoulders slumped, he says, “Aw, Mama!”
So she grabs his arm. Sobbing, he is led away.

Paul Malone is from Australia, but now lives in Vienna, Austria with his family. When he's not digging holes and writing about dirt (he currently works as a geotechnical engineer), he writes fiction. While others wrestle with Sudoko on the bus or plane (Austrians love this puzzle game), Paul tackles 50 word fiction. He gets a kick out of making the words fall into place.
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