Homo Politicus by Tirumal Mundargi
2:50 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Homo Politicus by Tirumal Mundargi
"What a voter?" Homo Politicus said, garlanding the departed voter,
wiping his tears off.
"What type of voters you like, Homo?" I asked.
"I like elephants."
"Type of voters you don't like?"
"Techies are empty bottles."
"Why don't you allow them to vote online?"
"I'll try during next famine."

Tirumal Mundargi lives in Bangalore and work near there. His stories can be found
or forthcoming in Long Story Short, Boston Literary Magazine, Gowanus,
Niteblade, Postcards from…,Thieves Jargon, Diddledog, Shine, Pequin,
Microhorror and Elimae.
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