Wicked Women by John Mitchell
2:13 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Wicked Women by John Mitchell
Women are being much more direct when chatting up men. Last week this woman came up to me and said
“I bet you’d feel good inside me”
Looking at her I thought I’d let her find out the hard way. Or as it turned out, the not so hard way.

John Mitchell is a 35 year old pathalogical liar who did a short course in creative writing at Cumbernauld college. Was insipred by those whom he met, Sandy, Diane and Joan!
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On 2/15/09, 6:08 PM , Calamity Jane said...

35?! Yet you don't look a day over 43...amazing! And cheers to all the wicked women out there...bottoms up! ;o)

On 2/16/09, 2:09 PM , The Muse said...

First smile of the day :-) Well done!