Calluses by Robert Swartwood
8:33 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Calluses by Robert Swartwood

He was born with calluses on his feet. He thought nothing of it until
his wife of five years demanded to cut them off. She used a knife.
Halfway through, she asked, "Can you even feel that?" "Feel what?" he
said, and looked down at the carpet spotted with blood.

Robert Swartwood wishes he'd invented the PedEgg.
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On 6/9/09, 11:15 AM , Gay Degani said...

Very cool story. It's inspiring me to write an ode to my bunions.

On 8/4/09, 11:46 PM , Ann-Kat (Today, I Wrote...) said...

Gotta love it. Made me wonder what exactly happened with that knife and laugh in the same breath.