Midday Ride by Christopher T. Werkman
1:07 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Midday Ride by Christopher T. Werkman

Cell pressed to her ear she makes the turn, my reflection on her side window. I clench the brake, the cycle’s tire screams. My reflection zooms life-size and I explode through the glass. Her van is cool inside. She is soft. Neither of us are a match for our speed.

Christopher T. Werkman writes and paints, splitting his time between the computer and the easel. He has a finished novel, and has a novel-in-progress. He devotes the rest of his writing time to short stories. He has managed to garner some attention with his work and his most recent published stories appeared in Lynx Eye, Quality Fiction, and Word Catalyst Magazine.
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On 6/18/09, 9:06 AM , Anonymous said...

It is almost a form of poetry when forced to use 50 orless words.

Agreat , vivid idea!