1st line by Robert Moulthrop
12:35 PM | Author: Glen Binger
1st line by Robert Moulthrop

They don’t got no picture of any dog named Moonbeam at them Elvis shops across the way from Graceland, I found out the other day when I went down there to see if they did, that shopping mall place there on the highway on the same side as the plane.

Robert Moulthrop
, author/playwright (New York City). Stories recently in (among others) Sou’Wester, Portland Review, Willard & Maple, The MacGuffin. Three plays in the NY Fringe Festival—Half Life, 2005 Outstanding Playwriting Award. Blood, Death, Drag & Mom: Solo, ’09 Phoenix Fringe Festival (performing 17 original stories in 5 performances over 4 days).
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