Miska's Hands by Louise Norlie
1:03 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Miska's Hands by Louise Norlie

Miska dreamed that a man cut off her hand with an ax. When she woke, her left hand was gone. Later she dreamed of clubbing the man with hands that had become spoons. When she woke she had both hands, but they ached whenever she heard a metal blade sharpened.

Louise Norlie’s publications have appeared in Mad Hatter’s Review, Unlikely Stories, Behind the Wainscot, and elsewhere. Her writing has been anthologized by Dead Letter Press and Bettany Press. Visit her apathetically maintained blog at louise-norlie.blogspot.com.
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On 8/29/09, 4:31 PM , Marc Lowe said...

Ms. Norlie here manages to convey a sense of surreal unease and an almost unbearable tension in fewer words than it takes me to ask someone to pass me the ____ (with qualifications). "Miska's Hands" certainly made this reader delightfully uncomfortable. I have been a fan of Ms. Norlie's work since discovering it on the Zoetrope Writer's Workshop years ago, and will continue to seek out new publications as she publishes links to them at her blog. Nice work as always!