September 27th 2009 Issue - 'BATTERY POWERED'
2:42 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Wow, it took a while to put this issue together. There were so many good submissions and it was hard to choose just seven. But these made the cut. Good work, contributors. 'BATTERY POWERED' features work from: Nina Roselle, CS DeWildt, Justin Grimbol, M. Abran Garza, Rebecca Gaffron, Kat Nove, and Jordan Castro. A lot has been going on with 50 to 1. I've been altering the layout and the delivery and the guidelines; so this issue took more than usual to create. But that's okay! It's worth it. In the next few coming issues I plan on changing the archives to make them more accessible and easier to navigate. Try it out. So expect that in the near future. Otherwise, enjoy this awesome issue and, as usual, relax. You're at 50 to 1.

- Glen
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