Tilt by J.S. Graustein
12:17 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Tilt by J.S. Graustein

Katelyn convinced the nurse to let go. She fell. Waterlogged soil chilled her shell in a half-cocoon. Dizzy, she clutched at dandelions above her head. One gave way, ready to disintegrate like herself. She lifted her bald head half an inch, then scattered the fluff with her last breath.

J.S. Graustein writes in flannel, a stuffed frog nestled in her lap. A list of the resulting works may be accessed at http://jsgraustein.blogspot.com/. She also plays Managing Editor at Folded Word.
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On 9/13/09, 5:17 PM , Teresa Houle said...

Beautiful! Love that image with the dandelion puff.

On 3/31/10, 1:22 AM , Karyn said...

Beautiful ~