October 12th 2009 Issue - 'LEARNING TO SMILE'
11:11 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Flash fiction has grown in popularity. We all know this. But what we don't know is how hard it is actually writing something so short and so well-written. That being said, I like to think 50 to 1 helps that idea develop. This issue, 'LEARNING TO SMILE,' has flat out awesome work by writers who understand the difficulty of writing flash fiction in the realm of Twitter and Facebook. Good work, contributors! Authors include: Frank Gillougley, Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Michael Robison, Stacey Dye, Linda Manning, CS DeWildt, and Barry Basden. So, as usual, read their work and visit their websites. We're here for you, the reader. The least you could do is enjoy yourself! And, maybe, even spread the word about 50 to 1. Submissions have been slow lately and I would like to change that! Keep them coming! Now go enjoy LEARNING TO SMILE! Thanks for visiting, come again soon.

- Glen
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