October 4th 2009 Issue - 'ONLY HUMAN'
11:44 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Guess what time it is again, ladies and gents. That's right, it's time for this week's issue of 50 to 1. This issue, appropriately dubbed 'ONLY HUMAN,' is full of excellent work including: Jeanine DeHoney, Christopher Jacobsmeyer, Robert Laughlin, Neal Kemet, D.S. Apfelbaum, Amanda Davis, and P.D. Piliere. Remember to comment on their work and visit their websites. Even check out some of their other work if they have it posted! Remember to check out the updated guidelines if you plan on submitting. Also, try out the new archives; it is a tad bit easier to navigate through to older issues. Thanks for reading! Enjoy yourself - you're at 50 to 1!

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