1st line by Alice Folkart
1:52 PM | Author: Glen Binger
1st line by Alice Folkart

That Thanksgiving, like every Thanksgiving, I watched the grownups, praying for them to drop dead of food poisoning, right off their chairs onto Grandma Pearl's burnt-orange shag rug, so that I could have all the pecan pie to myself.

It's not easy to write on Kailua beach on Oahu's windward side. The large sea turtle that Alice Folkart uses as a desk for her laptop keeps waking up and heading out to sea. Some of her short stories and poems have been lost to the waves.
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On 11/28/09, 5:07 PM , wasuee@ said...

Loved it, and the bio.

Sue Ellis

On 11/29/09, 10:30 AM , Glen Binger said...

Alice - I meant to compliment you on your bio, too, in the email. It must have slipped my mind. Good work!

On 12/5/09, 1:23 AM , Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Loved your first line and your bio, too! Nice job.

On 12/12/09, 12:36 AM , Anonymous said...

This is funny. I love it ~