Futility by Susan Carleton
8:33 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Futility by Susan Carleton

He didn't want a will dividing his children, so he was cremated with all he owned on his houseboat, leaving them nothing but each other. His eldest toasted his spirit with champagne. His youngest thought it selfish and crazy. They argued, then left, and never spoke to each other again.

Susan Carleton lives a mostly imaginary life in northwest Ireland where she blogs daily at www.stonyriver.ie. She's a recipient of the Art Council of Ireland's Bursary Award in literature, a mother to autistic children, and serves as a LocSec for Irish Mensa.
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On 11/5/09, 11:34 AM , Anonymous said...

just love how this cuts to the core of family life; its nasty underbelly. it packs a powerful punch.

On 11/5/09, 2:07 PM , Glen Binger said...

I agree, Anonymous! Thanks for sharing!!