Horticulture by Carter Jefferson
12:18 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Horticulture by Carter Jefferson

I dug the garden for an hour and a half this afternoon. It's November,
and soon everything will freeze. But we'll plant bulbs tomorrow, and no
matter what else goes to Hell, we'll have flowers next spring.

Carter Jefferson is editor of the Internet Review of Books:
http://internetreviewofbooks.com. He's published essays, stories,
reviews, memoirs, and news stories on the Web and in print.
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On 11/15/09, 3:09 PM , Becca said...


On 11/15/09, 4:21 PM , Anonymous said...

hope "springs" eternal!

On 11/23/09, 1:32 AM , Anonymous said...

This made me smile :-)))