Imperfectionism by Amber Foster
12:50 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Imperfectionism by Amber Foster

I am an imperfectionist. I like the nearly, the almost, the not-quite--in architecture, nothing beats the leaning tower of Pisa. I even drink my coffee imperfectly, slopping a little (not too much) over the side of my secondhand cup. I rarely finish what

Amber Foster has a Master's in literature and has published in magazines such as Highways, Transitions Abroad, and Sierra Style. She is currently working as a scuba diving instructor in Honduras, and writing a memoir of her experiences there.
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On 11/8/09, 4:14 PM , sam cicero said...

hahah hilarious ending! great job!

On 11/10/09, 12:26 AM , Anonymous said...

Amber...this is great! I do the same thing with my coffee but i have no control before the first cup!