Low Tide by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
12:42 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Low Tide by Juleigh Howard-Hobson

The beach around the dead man was dry and warm. Drifts of sand were packed loosely up against him. His fingers and feet were completely covered by them. It felt to Amanda as if some child had left off playing 'let's bury daddy', and wandered away....leaving him lying there, waiting...

Juleigh Howard-Hobson is a widely published essayist, short story writer and formalist poet. Named a Million Writers Award "Notable Story" writer, she has been nominated for both the Pushcart and the Best of the Net. Her work has appeared in Key Hole Magazine, Aesthetica, The Loch Raven Review, Going Down Swinging, The Chimaera and many other places, both in print and in cyberprint.
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On 11/10/09, 12:29 AM , Anonymous said...

Juleigh...wow! this is cringe worthy...it rates right up there on the creep factor. well written. very visual.