November 15th 2009 Issue - 'FORGETTING THE TIDES'
12:37 PM | Author: Glen Binger
When you move to the opposite coast, you forget the tides. Please don't forget. This week's issue of 50 to 1 is full of awesome work. Forgetting The Tides features work by: Carter Jefferson, Thomas Scofield, Noel Sloboda, T. Guzman, Evan Schaeffer, Karyn Eisler, and Eric Bennett. As always, please comment, visit their sites and spread the word about the amazing 50 to 1! Submissions are slow. So slow, in fact, that the inbox is empty! Let's work together and get that filled up! So tell everyone you know. But no matter what you do, Forgetting The Tides, is something you should never do - only read! eNJoy!

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