Breakfast by Harriett Fjaagesund
11:18 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Breakfast by Harriett Fjaagesund

Tony hated runny eggs. The blood oozing around the butcher knife in his wife's chest dripped into her bowl of cereal. A man only had so much patience at breakfast.

He sipped his coffee appreciatively. She couldn't cook, but the woman knew how to make a killer cup of coffee.

Harriett Fjaagesund is a former newspaper reporter. Her stories have appeared in Long Story Short, Flash Tales Magazine, Bewildering Stories, Nefarious Tales, Flash Me Magazine, Flashshot Magazine, The Short Humour Site, MicroHorror, and Bird And Moon. She lives with her husband and three grumpy cats on the isolated Queen Charlotte/Haida Gwaii Islands, 80 miles off Canada's northwest coast.
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