Love Can Be Murder by Jeannette Angell
11:10 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Love Can Be Murder by Jeannette Angell

He said that he’d call her. He didn't.
He said that he’d be faithful. He wasn't.
He said that she could believe him. She couldn't.
He said that he would marry her. He didn't.

She said that she hated him and that one day she would kill him.

She did.

Jeannette Angell is a novelist and playwright who lives and works in an old sea captain's house at the edge of the world—the tip of Cape Cod. Read more about her at
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On 12/13/09, 3:02 PM , Pyramid Internal said...

Great work, Jeannette. This is Maria writing.

On 12/18/09, 1:52 PM , Alice Folkart said...

Hooray - you've managed an entire novel in a few lines! You show us how it can be done. Alice Folkart

On 9/15/11, 10:09 PM , Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, concise writing that seems both calculated and raw at the same time. Well done.