1st line by Rebecca Bravado Trencherman
12:04 PM | Author: Glen Binger
1st line by Rebecca Bravado Trencherman

Actually, I prefer my revenge warm, salty, and red as the lips that savor the taste.

Rebecca Bravado Trencherman is a dreamer with goggles, who one day intends to use them. She believes that everyone on this turtle's back has a time and place (hers being Renaissance England). Her wonderful boyfriend, Firenze, is kind enough to look over her ramblings on paper and help her make them acceptable to be seen in public.
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On 1/24/10, 12:57 AM , Alex said...

Short and to the point - I like it! :)

On 1/29/10, 8:56 PM , Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Great opening line!