Driving Home by J. Raff
12:00 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Driving Home by J. Raff

I drove 112 miles East to tell her again those young words. She said we're
older now, that young words don't matter. I drove 237 miles East the next
morning. At lunch my wife called. She asked about insurance, the mortgage,
and how many miles I've driven so far.

J. Raff is a camper that can't pitch his own tent. He fishes all day long
but eats hamburgers around the fire. He's going to buy an ATV this spring
and you may not see him nor his family for weeks at a time. The mountains
are that cool. Oh, and he's writing a lot now. You just might see yourself
in some of it someday. His website will be up when basketball season is over.
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