Flirting with Perfection by Celestine Stoltenberg
11:52 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Flirting with Perfection by Celestine Stoltenberg

He was remarkably like her husband. Oh, trimmer, granted. More ripped, too.
But they shared the same thick, dark hair and hot coffee eyes. They were
even nearly the same age and height.

What is it people say about things that seem too good?

Yeah, she knew that, too.

Celestine Stoltenberg is enjoying the not-too-cold Arizona winter and
discovering just how much can be said in the small spaces between one task
and another. She has written for The Green Tricycle, The Phone Book (not the
big yellow one) and 50 to 1.
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On 1/22/10, 8:51 PM , sam cicero said...

this one made me feel sorta dirty. in a good way.

On 9/19/16, 1:00 PM , John Adam said...

Why do married men flirt? His wife is perfect?

On 8/16/17, 3:46 AM , Ronald jeffery said...

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