January 4th 2010 Issue - 'THE SITUATION'
10:41 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Why, Glen? Why did you name the issue after some guido in MTV's newest hit series? Because. Because Jersey Shore is quality television. Wow, I had trouble typing that without laughing. Anyway, the latest issue of 50 to 1 features work by: Sarah Savage, John Brooke, Virginia Winters, Eric Bennett, Anitha Murthy, Eric Nguyen, and Joan Gilfillan. THE SITUATION is the first issue of the new year. Let me apologize for delaying this issue. Usually, I try to put out at least one a week, but the holidays had me quite busy. So I am sorry, faithful readers. But I hope 'The Situation' quenches your thirst for awesome flash literature. For those of you who have submitted but haven't received a response - it's coming. For those of you who have yet to submit - what are you waiting for?! Submit! But whatever you do, remember: read and eNJoy! (Did I really just name an issue after someone who is illiterate? I'm sorry.)

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On 1/4/10, 1:49 PM , sam cicero said...

You should write a 50 word story about the theme of each issue if there isn't one already.

On 1/4/10, 6:20 PM , Jason Jordan said...

Great post, Glen. Jersey Shore has taken the reputation of New Jersey to new heights.

On 1/5/10, 9:16 AM , Glen Binger said...

Sam - that was actually one of the changes I planned on making in 2010. Good call. haha

Jason - It has. And unfortunately it really sucks that the show makes the rest of the country think that what the Jersey Shore is actually like. To be honest, it is probably exactly the opposite of that show. ugh. It makes me shudder.

On 1/6/10, 3:21 AM , msh said...


On 1/8/10, 9:08 AM , Marvin K. Mooney said...

Such a magnificent farewell hello!