The Trouble with Turtles by Ben Langhinrichs
12:05 PM | Author: Glen Binger
The Trouble with Turtles by Ben Langhinrichs

"Damn turtles!"

Jeremy shoved the unwelcome pests back into the pond, but he missed one. A solitary green turtle snuck under the fence and died instantly as it encountered the high voltage wires emanating from the power station. The valley was left in darkness - the turtle was left shell shocked.

Ben Langhinrichs is a 47 year-old software designer living in Shaker Heights, Ohio with his lovely wife, two cats, and one of three children still at home. He has previously been published in Twisted Dreams, Dog-Ear Tales, Strong Verse, Foundling Review and Feathertale.
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On 2/10/10, 1:41 PM , Stephanie said...

I just found this journal & this story made me smile. It's hard to pull off a "punchline" ;)