Beginning Years of Solitude by Barry Basden
1:53 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Beginning Years of Solitude by Barry Basden

That rainy weekend she left, the only thing besides weeping that eased Derek's pain at all was searching his shelves for a book he loved, the one that began with an old colonel in front of a firing squad, thinking about his father and the first time he saw ice.

Barry Basden writes mostly short pieces, some published, some not. He edits Camroc Press Review at
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On 2/25/10, 4:13 PM , jr said...

I find everything you write fascinating. I wish you could tell me how you do this. Superb. As usual.


On 2/25/10, 8:42 PM , Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words, JR. I'm glad you like it and I really appreciate your letting me know.

Barry Basden

On 2/26/10, 9:11 AM , Ruth L.~ said...

I second JR's comments, Barry. It's an art what you convey in so few words.