The Cruise by J. Raff
1:48 PM | Author: Glen Binger
The Cruise by J. Raff

He said he would go with me some day and a promise is a promise. But, really? Did he have to insist on this suitcase? Ah well, it was nothing but dead weight now.

A porter in a starched white shirt looked up from his clipboard.

"One, please," I said.

J. Raff is ever closer to those ATVs and writing might be done outside for the next six months - around a fire he couldn't start, and eating fish he couldn't catch. He is published in various trade publications about basketball and several local magazines. He is a contributor for three basketball books. Those were done before he found the mountains again.
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On 2/25/10, 3:23 PM , Anonymous said...

This story was very told so much in so few words...and let ones imagination do the rest! It displays some dark humor too...Nice work!

On 3/8/10, 9:53 PM , Anonymous said...

witty! read it twice before I got it.