1st line by Dr. Barbara Sinor
11:18 AM | Author: Glen Binger
1st line by Dr. Barbara Sinor

When I was a little girl, about four or five-years-old, if I did something that upset my father he would grab me by the arm and pull me down the hall where he kept the paddling board.

Dr. Sinor is a semi-retired Psychospiritual Therapist and the author of five books. Sinor's career in counseling lead her to share the insights found within her books which deal with childhood abuse, spiritual guidance, metaphysical issues, and the area of addiction recovery. Please visit Barbara's book countdown Blog for more updates on this potent book Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery. Go to her web site and click on My Blog: www.drsinor.com.
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On 3/22/10, 4:54 PM , Crybbe666 said...

My father used a belt but I understand this line very well.