Creep by Tom Mahony
1:21 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Creep by Tom Mahony

“Did you ever think,” he said, holding her hand and gazing deeply into her eyes, “that you could love somebody as much as you love me?”

He’d always known her to be a strong woman, but when her fist connected with his jaw, he learned the true extent of it.

Tom Mahony is a biological consultant in California with an M.S. degree from Humboldt State University. His fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared in dozens of online and print publications, including Surfer Magazine, Flashquake, The Rose & Thorn, Pindeldyboz, In Posse Review, Diddledog, LITnIMAGE, Boston Literary Magazine, 34th Parallel, and Decomp. His short fiction collection, Slow Entropy, was published by Thumbscrews Press in 2009. His first novel, Imperfect Solitude, is forthcoming from Casperian Books in 2011. Visit him at
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On 3/9/10, 2:32 PM , Bernardo Bolt Gregori said...

Great one, Tom! Hilarious, cynical, brilliant!


Bernardo Bolt Gregori

On 3/9/10, 3:53 PM , Gay Degani said...

That cracks me up Tom. Love it. However, I think I met that guy once and he wasn't quite as pretty when I saw him, what with the stitches, the missing teeth, the one eye that kept wandering off to the left.

On 3/9/10, 3:56 PM , Paula Ray said...

Talk about a hook! Great job, Tom. This was hilarious.

On 3/9/10, 6:27 PM , Autumn said...

Go, Tom! Nice one!

On 3/10/10, 4:27 AM , Liz Haigh said...

A woman after my own heart!
Great story Tom.

On 3/10/10, 11:03 AM , Deirdre Sinnott said...

Okay that was the LOL kind of funny.

On 3/10/10, 12:07 PM , Meissen said...

hahaha, that was very funny