The Mechanic by Jim Harrington
11:13 AM | Author: Glen Binger
The Mechanic by Jim Harrington

Clara fixed things, personal things. She stood outside the atrium of the Bellagio with the others, in pajamas, the pealing alarm assaulting her ears. The firemen disembarked, lumbered into the hotel. The story in room 1224 one she wouldn’t tell. Her husband. The hooker. An itch he shouldn’t have scratched.

Jim Harrington lives in Huntersville, NC, with his wife and two cats. His stories have appeared in Apollo's Lyre, Camroc Press Review, Every Day Fiction, The Houston Literary Review, Long Story Short, MicroHorror, Flashshot and others. He currently serves as a flash fiction editor for Apollo’s Lyre. You can read more of his stories at
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On 3/22/10, 4:52 PM , Crybbe666 said...

Clara is a very enterprising lady! Nice piece from first line to last.