Billboard and a Bullhorn by Scott Southard
9:37 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Billboard and a Bullhorn by Scott Southard

Sometimes after I’ve lost my fingers inside of her at night, I forget to wash my hands until after I have eaten breakfast the next day. On many occasions, until after lunch. These are the days I hope I’ve cooked bacon, eggs, and French toast for every person I know.

Scott Southard currently resides in Normal, IL and pays his rent by driving sandwiches to people in his car. He is constantly frustrated by the humor people seem to find in quoting the popular slogan of the sandwich shop franchise whenever he makes an unusually speedy delivery. He is also in the midst of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich eating challenge.
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On 5/4/10, 2:44 AM , Liz Haigh said...

Errm I'll just be having toat this morning.

Cheeky little short. Nice work.

On 5/4/10, 2:46 AM , Liz Haigh said...

toat = toast!