Champagne by Liz Haigh
9:41 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Champagne by Liz Haigh

While doing the weekly shop at the supermarket, Margaret noticed champagne was half price. She decided to buy a bottle, it’s nice to have one in the house for when you have something unexpected to celebrate. When she got home she discovered her husband had died of a heart attack.

Liz Haigh lives in Cheshire, the UK where it rains a lot. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in, Apollo’s Lyre, Eclectic Flash, The Legendary, Linnet's Wings, Foundling Review, Blink, Bewildering Stories, Delivered and other places.
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On 4/30/10, 3:14 AM , Bernardo Bolt Gregori said...

Hahahaha!!! Hilarious, Liz!!!! Beautiful, sinister, and very, very clever!!! Brava!!!


Bernardo Bolt Gregori

On 4/30/10, 9:05 AM , Jim Harrington said...

I just informed the wife she couldn't go shopping today!

On 4/30/10, 10:43 AM , Gay Degani said...

Oh my! Liz you are wicked. Love it.

On 5/4/10, 2:38 AM , Liz Haigh said...

Thanks folks!

I do feel a tad guilty about this one. (The chamapagne is on ice)