The Dream by Fiona mc Cashin
10:09 AM | Author: Glen Binger
The Dream by Fiona mc Cashin

She came to him in a dream, saying, I am the only one you will ever love, and when he awoke, his life seemed empty.

Now he scours bars and nightclubs, canvasses crowded streets, and even peers in peoples' windows, looking for a woman he is not even sure exists.

Fiona mc Cashin lives in belfast where she wastes 99% of her writing time trying to come up with witty, memorable bios. She also collects snow-globes.
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On 4/3/10, 6:31 AM , Crybbe666 said...

Fiona, this is one of the best pieces of flash I have ever read.
Well done!!!

On 4/9/10, 7:38 AM , Anonymous said...

I most certainly love it, too. I also saw your excellent story in the current Full of Crow.

On 4/14/10, 11:15 PM , fiona mc cashin said...

just wanted to say a quick thanks to crybbe and wiredwriter for your kind comments :-)

On 5/11/10, 9:53 AM , Davidt Dunlop said...

I love googling you now and again to find you are still working away and as talented as ever... :)