Must Be the Water by Eric Nelson
10:18 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Must Be the Water by Eric Nelson

The train rumbled into the subway station on the corner, sending trembles throughout the room where Billy slept. He rolled over on the air mattress and lay on his stomach, eyes darting under their lids. The apartment shook again as the train pulled out.
“Goddamn cat,” his voice full of sleep.

Eric Nelson is an emerging writer originally from New Jersey, the son of a nurse and machinist. He has written for publications such as “Constellation” and “Zine World” and wrote the zine series “The Silk City Series,” which is now a book of short stories from Knickerbocker Circus Publishing. Heavily involved in the New York City DIY print culture, he works at ABC No Rio’s Zine Library, has read in various bookstores and festivals in the Northeast, prints a zine called “The Cup and Saucer Chronicles” and is currently at work on his debut novel. He’s a combination of Black Flag and Raymond Carver. He can usually be found laughing loudly at something inappropriate. He lives in Queens and he loves it.
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