Why a fern would do such a thing by Bint Arab
9:43 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Why a fern would do such a thing by Bint Arab

Let me touch you. I am like a leaf that makes an impression on mud that becomes rock with a permanent engraving of another life. Schoolkids trudging through a museum will stare at it from behind the glass… maybe they are wondering why a fern would do such a thing.

Bint Arab is Iraqi American, born in Baghdad and raised in Brooklyn. Today she lives in Texas, where being a New Yorker makes her more of a stranger in a strange land than being Arab American ever could. She administers the writing forums at www.bibliophilia.org/forum/index.php and the online writers' showcase at www.bibliophilia.org.
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On 5/4/10, 2:42 AM , Liz Haigh said...

Beautiful and clever!

Nice work