Justice Is Served, Sir by Paul Phillips
10:30 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Justice Is Served, Sir by Paul Phillips

His arrogant defence, his shameless cries of innocence, his smug smile; all came to naught as the judge confirmed what everyone, including the lawyers on both sides, had expected. His depravity had shocked the community. Justice is served but his sentence - still to be decided - will never fit the crime.

Paul Phillips' work can be found at http://crybbe666.blogspot.com/ He has also been published online at MicroHorror, Six Sentences, Powder Flash Burns and BlinkInk. He calls Australia home, but sometimes it won't listen.
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On 7/1/10, 5:29 PM , David Barber said...

Very well written piece giving the reader a very clear image with so few words. Great job.

On 7/1/10, 5:50 PM , Erin Cole said...

Isn't that the truth! I like the verbage in this piece, Paul. Cuts right through.

On 7/2/10, 1:51 AM , Nicole Black said...

Well, from my standpoint, one can only hope!

Great piece, descriptive and tightly written.

On 7/2/10, 2:22 AM , Paul D Brazill said...

Perfectly done.