“de facto date of marital termination” by Leslie Coleman

Unable to maintain the happy chatter to distract them from their sadness, she drove the children home from the airport in silence, desperately clinging to the false notion they hadn’t been left behind. Then again, he was packed quite heavily for just a job interview.

A graduate of the University of South Florida and employee of their College of Medicine, Leslie Coleman was first published in their literary journal The Legible Script. For 37 years she has kept her college copy of The Elements of Style in a satin covered box with her hidden journals. One day her children or grandchildren will discover her Pandora’s Box of pain, along with reprints of the short stories she allowed to be published. Choosing a peaceful existence, Leslie resides with her three dogs, Annabelle, Burt & Jackson, on a horse farm in Alpharetta, Georgia.
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