He Lost at Love by Jim Harrington
12:00 PM | Author: Glen Binger
He Lost at Love by Jim Harrington

A sorry excuse for a rooster tail dogged me as I surfed toward the beach. Discordant melodies commingled with inconsolable thoughts. She lay under an umbrella wearing the emerald bikini I'd given her. He lay next to her, their legs touching. I sank into the water wishing it was deeper.

Flash fiction bewitched Jim Harrington in early in 2007, and he’s read, written, studied, and agonized over the form since. His Six Questions For blog (http://sixquestionsfor.blogspot.com/) provides editors and publishers a place to “tell it like it is.” In his spare time, he serves as the flash fiction editor for Apollo’s Lyre (http://apollos-lyre.tripod.com/index.html).
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On 8/5/10, 5:19 PM , Anonymous said...

Great compact story. A jewel.

On 8/6/10, 1:13 AM , Autumn said...

Beautiful piece, Jim!