Dissolved by Brenda Blakey
3:47 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Dissolved by Brenda Blakey

After the storm, we surfaced to shovel the snow. There we found a single impervious boot, the sock still inside it as if the body had somehow dissolved. The boot, a grave marker, left no trace of frostbite or heartbreak. Our shovels softly scratched against the concrete, a funeral hymn.

Brenda Blakey hails from Atlanta and enjoys writing fiction and poetry even more than eating snow-cones and popsicles. She does not own a cat.
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On 9/10/10, 7:51 AM , Liz Haigh said...

Oh a real toe chilling story!

Nicely done.

On 9/15/10, 8:55 PM , Brenda Bishop Blakey said...

Hee Hee. Thanky, Liz.